DIYorDie Techshop

We are excited to announce our brand called DIY or Die Techshop. Finally, car enthusiasts, mobile mechanics, gear heads, and do-it-yourselfers have a fully staffed and professionally equipped auto repair shop where you can rent a lift and tools to complete your automotive repairs and customization of your car or light truck and get expert help if you need it.

Our shop is hybrid automotive repair facility where our technicians perform full automotive service, auto repair, and performance upgrades on cars under the name Sprint Motorsports. The major part of our auto repair shop provides workstations and lift rentals to those persons that wish to work on their own vehicle. DIY or Die Techshop is staffed by dedicated experienced performance enthusiast technicians. The rental auto repair shop is open 7 days a week and offer parts utilizing our broad network of auto parts suppliers and distribution accounts.

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These guys are awesome. Very very helpful. Can't wait to do next project :)


Awesome, very helpful stuff, price is good too


so good