Private Garage with Motorcycle Lift, Tools, and Tire Changer

I have a large garage with a workspace setup specifically for motorcycles with a K&L electric lift and electric/pneumatic tire changer. Workbench, tools, front & rear stands, jacks & center lift, excellent lighting, rags, and plenty of working space are available. The space isn't well heated though I do have a variety of space heater options that can help take the edge off. Experienced help is available for an additional charge. Please bring your own fluids and cleaners, though some basic items may be available for an extra fee.

Car & truck
Minimum booking: 1 day
Main equipment: Lift, tire changer, stands & jacks, tools
Vehicle lift
Mechanic assistance
Standard tool set
Air tools
Tire changer
Heated space
Vehicle storage
Garage hours : Varies, ask for desired times
Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice
Garage rules: Leave everything in the condition you found it.

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