Minnetonka Facility South - Denver, NC

I just completed building my shop. It is a 35' X 24' building with a 9k 2 post lift, air compressor and a wide selection of tools. This is a brand new space with WiFI, cable TV, toilet, sink, workbench, air compressor and enough tools to do most projects with some specific tools for Porsches. I'm retired and just looking to connect with car people and expand my network of car people and expand my new shop's tool capabilities.

Minnetonka Facility South – Rules
• No smoking
• No alcohol
• No drugs
• Facility is to be cleaned at the end of every day or rental period
• Supplies in the facility are not included in the cost (oil, shop rags, chemicals, etc).
• Tools are to be cleaned and returned to the tool chest
• Anything that is broken must be replaced
• A liability waiver must be signed
• No use of lift without me personally checking you out and explaining the lift protocol rules
• Must be 21 years old or older

Minnetonka Facility South – facilities
• brand new facility – 35' X 24'
• 9k 2 post car lift (Atlas 9KOH)
• air compressor
• air tools (1/2” and 3/8” impacts, various cutting tools)
• comprehensive tool set – standard metric tools mainly
• oil change equipment for lift
• some specialty tools (pressure brake bleeder, corner balancing jack, dial gauges, some special
wrenches (mostly for Porsches), torque wrenches, old school Dwell meter, compression tester,
manual oil pressure gauge, spring compressor, etc)
• electric battery tools – DeWalt 20V drill, sawsall, impact driver
• toilet and sink in shop (no hot water, yet)
• large work bench (8' X 39”) with vice and magnifier lamp
• multiple 20A power outlets
• purified water dispenser
• 3T floor jack with 4 jack stands
• WiFi with available shop computer
• Cable with smart 55” LED TV
• stereo sound system
• 16 gallon shop vac
• 1000 lb engine stand

$25/hour, $125/day. For other options please contact me.

Minimum booking: 1 hour
Vehicle lift
Standard tool set
Air tools
Parts washer
Media blasting
Mechanic assistance
Heated space
Vehicle storage
Garage hours : 9-5
Cancellation policy: https://bookgaragetime.com/cancellation/
Cancellation policy (in addition to Garagetime policy): N/A
Liability & Insurance:
Users must sign a liability waiver
Users must carry valid renters or homeowner insurance policy
Other - see description
Link to required liability/insurance waiver: http://bit.ly/LiabilityMinnetonka

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