Garage/auto lift/ Paint Booth Owings Mills MD

I know how hard it is to find shop space with it getting cold outside and would like to help independent mechanics severely reduce their overhead expenses so they are able to pass major savings on to their customers.

Ideally your car will be in and out same day as we do not have room to store your vehicle for extended stays.

3800 sq ft of space
must bring own tools (especially manufacture specialty tools) , large tools will be provided, floor jacks, compressor, air tools ,jack stands , shop vac , engine stand , engine hoist

ventilated paint booth will be added soon

alldata access can be provided

individual car spaces for working on the floor are available at 25$ an hour

45$ an hour is for lift time there are obviously more individual floor spaces available than lift spaces

open to group buy ins & individuals coming together to rent lift time & floor space time to use simultaneously

contact for more details and to check availability usually available on demand

Minimum booking: 2 hours
Main equipment: Air Tools, Compressor, Auto lift , floor jacks, jack stands, shop vac, engine hoist, engine stand, alldata
Vehicle lift
Standard tool set
Air tools
Parts washer
Media blasting
Mechanic assistance
Heated space
Vehicle storage
Garage hours : On demand need 24 hours of notice
Cancellation policy:
Cancellation policy (in addition to Garagetime policy): Four hours before scheduled
Liability & Insurance:
Users must sign a liability waiver
Users must carry valid renters or homeowner insurance policy
Other - see description
Garage rules: No smoking, marijuana, alcohol in or near shop (most be considerate of neighbors) Garage rules: CLEAN UP ALL SPILLS OR $75 CHARGE IS ADDED be considerate for next person fluid spill cleanup materials will be provided