East End of the San Mateo Bridge, almost

I am a hobbyist. Garage includes in-ground lift, extensive tools, and assistance on most general automotive needs. I dislike electrical, so you're on your own for that, but most other areas are not a problem regarding assistance.

I am motorcycle friendly, but it's not my mechanical specialty/no special tools for them.

Car & truck
Other DIY projects
Main equipment: Interior workspace, exterior paved storage/workspace (with air and power). Exterior/bring your own tools is discounted, but I don't see a way to offer that here, so we'll work it out - please contact me.
Vehicle lift
Mechanic assistance
Standard tool set
Air tools
Tire changer/wheel balancer
Heated space
Vehicle storage
Garage hours : 8am-10pm
Additional rules: Garage may be unavailable on short notice if I have one of my cars apart on it.