DIY Garage in Camden Maine

What if you didn't have to crawl in the dirt like a dog every time you wanted to work on your miserable daily driver? What if there was place with a lift, heat and a couple lights that actually worked? What if there was a good chance someone was around to help at this place...or at least heckle and throw empties at you?

And what if this place not only had tools, but was open 24x7x365 as part of your membership? Well stop dreaming and drooling all over yourself and join the DIY Garage Club!!

We require a one year minimum commitment and invoice on a monthly bases. For that, we offer our members unfettered access to three work bays, two lifts and the tools listed below and hassle free booking via an online scheduling application. Yearly members also have access to an open car trailer and first crack at classes,events and activities...some of which have an additional fee.

Come join us...and get stuff done!

Minimum booking: annual membership
Main equipment: The DIY Garage has a two-post lift a four post lift, tire changer, tire balancer, parts washer, media blast cabinet, basic hand tools, compressed air.
Vehicle lift
Standard tool set
Air tools
Parts washer
Media blasting
Mechanic assistance
Heated space
Vehicle storage
Garage hours : 24x7x365
Cancellation policy:
Cancellation policy (in addition to Garagetime policy): no
Liability & Insurance:
Users must sign a liability waiver
Users must carry valid renters or homeowner insurance policy
Other - see description
Garage rules: Members must complete an orientation and lift safety check before using any of the shop equipment.