DIY Home Garage Auto & Motorcycle Weekdays Hourly Rate

My home garage is well lit, well equipped, and heated. There is an in-ground lift with a height restriction and if car cannot be fully raised, most undercarriage work can be done comfortably on a creeper seat.

I cannot take in pickups, vans, large SUV's, or disabled vehicles. This is not a commercial venue, so car must be driven in under it's own power.

Many times, people underestimate the time needed for their job. Include the unexpected which is a given on most older cars due to rust and corrosion. You should be familiar with the work and all procedures and able to execute the entire job on your own since there may not always be someone here to help.

Please allow a few days notice for booking.

No body, collision, or painting work. Mechanical work only. You MUST tell me your vehicle and work intended before booking. Just send me a message. Only 1 car per booking please!

Minimum booking: 2 hours
Vehicle lift
Standard tool set
Air tools
Parts washer
Media blasting
Mechanic assistance
Heated space
Vehicle storage
Garage hours : Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Hourly Rate - Contact us
Cancellation policy:
Cancellation policy (in addition to Garagetime policy): Please give me 48 hours notice for cancellations.
Liability & Insurance:
Users must sign a liability waiver
Users must carry valid renters or homeowner insurance policy
Other - see description
Garage rules: No excessive noise, alcohol, or multiple friends. No bodywork or sanding.